Social media technology madness - interview with Adam Fraser

By John Smibert

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About John Smibert

I work with companies who are striving to grow high margin revenue by retaining customers, creating value for customers and strategically acquiring new customers. I love successful and happy sales teams who are driving positive change for their customers.

If you are like me you get overpowered by the amount of sales and marketing technology and tools available – and more being released every day. So I asked our resident expert on marketing and social media technology, Adam Fraser, how to go about choosing the right marketing and sales tools for our business. He agreed that that the subject was very disconcerting and confusing to most because of the acceleration of a wide range of tools and technology coming to market every day. Specifically he stated “We’re talking of a $30+ billion sector that in many ways didn’t exist 10 years ago, so sales and marketing professionals alike are confused. It’s a very deep, complex landscape, and people are all scratching their heads”.