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Wayne Moloney - sales trainer, mentor, consultant. Wayne is a strong advocate of lean principles across all facets of business and has been applying these to sales throughout his career. Wayne started his career in engineering but quickly realised his passion was in developing sales, not designing industrial ventilation systems. He has since enjoyed a successful career across Australian, Asian and European markets that embraced all facets of sales and business development across a diverse range of industries including fluids handling, pollution control, education, not-for-profits and ICT. Having experienced sales at the coalface, as a sales manager, marketing manager and Managing Director, Wayne brings a wealth of practical experience to those individuals and businesses he works with. He is the author of ‘Your Roadmap to Sales Management Success’ and ‘Your Roadmap to Achieving Sales Success’. Both practical handbooks for B2B sales managers and salespeople. He is a foundation member of Sales Masterminds APAC. Read more about Wayne on his LinkedIn profile

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